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escuse you, I am sesshomaru XD AHAHA

||YES, YEs you are. What about that? XD Sesshomaru is allowed to be overpowered so that’s ttly fine

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                    Knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game ! !
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  • name;; Tezca Katharina
  • age;; old
  • how old were you when you first started playing?;; roleplaying? The very first one liner stuff was when I was around 14, but real rping (not in the English fandoms though) since… 16?
    height;; 5’4”
  • OCs or canons?;;  BOTH
  • least favorite face claim;; idk I don’t use rl faceclaims for fictional characters myself because it feels really weird. Does that count?
  • worst rp experience ever;;

    There are two in particular. The first one was a person I was good friends with (we didn’t parted in an argument!) who always talked me into rping canon characters for her so she could ship her OCs with them.

    The thing now is that all her OCs were sues (full blown magical vampire princesses in a verse where magic does not -exist-) and she often would reply to paras with “HmmmM!!!!” or “Okay!!!”. To novel paras of mine. Literally with one word and tons of exclamation marks.

    The other one was about an Hetalia OC of mine that I drew in a traditional (mind you, my dad and I do reenactment so I’m not too bad in that area) uniform of the respective area (former country) as a reference for an RP.

    And people started to insult me about that the outfit was stupid and insulting and whatnot till I scanned the entire fucking chapter about that uniform from my documents (my dad is a sparetime historian therefore we have original documents on some of these things hah).

    They asked me right away to delete their - public - insults towards me, and even though they never apologized I agreed on it b/c I’m not that much of a jerk to ruin their reputation.

  • fluff, angst, or smut?;; I’m no good at smut but I’m comfy with all of them, really.
  • worst character you’ve ever played;;  NONE! I’m actually very picky with who I RP
  • favorite type of plot;; Either Horror or some nice plotted adventure. And romance :>
  • at what time of day is your writing the best?;; It doesn’t vary for me. Either I give it my all or I don’t post any replies at all.
  • are you anything like your muse?;; I seem to have a scheme. Manyjoume Jun, Tezca Tlipoca, Bill Cipher… I seem to have a soft spot for the dorks that are hidden badasses. And then there are ones like Giriko that are just there as venting muses for whenever I need something to rip my heart out.
  • worst thing about RP;; Nothing per say. You have foul apples everywhere. I am most worried about people that say that they are their rp characters though since it makes them look as though they suffer some condition…? (not wanting to insult anyone here, I don’t mean feeling your muse but spot on claiming you are them escaping from a fictional-real world portal).
  • best thing about RP;; Stalking your fav characters in a very subtile way oops


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A year @ bronzeguardian


"It’s the illusion of a choice is what it is. Death or death. Either way, they die messy.” he snapped, crossing his arms over his chest as he glowered, rolling his eyes. “Oh, sure, there’s some good done by it- by what you and the other Deathscythes do, I don’t deny that; but to make children do his job? CHILDREN, Tezca! They should be worrying about puberty and sports and makeup and fashion trends, not whether they or one of their friends are going to die next time they go out!”

He groaned, bringing his hands to his face and dragging them down. Augh, not this again. “He bloody well is an ‘actual person’, damnit! I’ve met gods, I know gods personally, and that is no god! At best he’s some level or another of angel or something similar! Honestly, it’s bad enough Justin believes that, but I’d think you of all people would know better.”

The dragon grumbled, shaking his head. He scoffed, furrowing his brow slightly as the Mirror crossed his arms. “Oh, don’t give me that bullshit, Tez… He and his have been doing it for thousands of years before the academy was ever made. He could have unbound himself from the damned city at any point after Asura woke up, but he hasn’tHe’s lazy.”

"It sure isn’t exactly a vikings burial they’d get either." Tezca sighed, shaking his head again in a rather passive stance. “You know I joined pretty early as well, and don’t regret it. This is a decision everyone makes for themselves.” This was taking a turn into a direction he regretted taking again already, not able to argue back without feeling a bit bothered by the others words. "Whatever man. I’m not an all-knowing eternity as old as time, so who am I to judge this~"

The freedom of thought, and being sceptical were important, but without a trust or at least some sort of order the boundaries of society would crumble, whether people liked it or not. "Taking him apart like this won’t do anything though. Ever tried to talk to him directly about his reasoning? I mean perhaps there is something more behind that whole thing than we know?" It was more a question than a suggestion, because he was unsure himself.

"Or he’s getting old. If he is nothing as unusual as you say, then he might just be unable to do as he’d like to." It was such a hard thing to discuss without taking sides. Surely he’d frown about most things the Shinigami decided, but as a person himself he was a rather nice fellow - in his own respective experience that was.

~*FNAT — Five Nights at Tezcas*~ [[FNAF AU]]-[[CLOSED]]



       ✧❤✧~ ραℓραтє ѕυ¢¢υвυѕ ~

Her eyes had widened in what could have been labeled as fear — though
  if anyone had lingered around, the succubus would never have admitted
    such a weakness. No, she would have called it shock.

  Still —-

   What was that sound? Something like a piece of metal. Something
     had made a sudden movement down the hall. And it was loud enough
       to get her attention, but was she willing to actually run, and make her
         way towards it?

   Curiosity had gotten the better of her.
      Jay had found herself taking baby steps toward the source room of the
        faint noise that had revealed itself before. 
            Several times, she had meekly cleared her throat, and not long
              had she made it into the musky room; her destination.

  “…there’s nothing.” She mumbled in disappointment. 
            “Nothing is—”
        No. She was wrong. Something WAS there. Something that was
           eyeing her down from the opposite end of the room.
                    “…what in the name of Satan is that thing?” Jay asked herself
                          aloud as she approached the decaying anamatronic..

Finally, the guest had made her appearance. He was surprised as her hair looked so bright, not just blonde but pink. Nearly like one of the dolls that one small human child had brought with herself every time her parents took her to lunch into this place, these many years ago.

The robot felt something that would be nostalgia, if it hadn’t been for the incapability to process such emotions. He remained frozen in his place, unwilling to reply to this bag of moving meat. ‘Satan’ she said. What was this ‘Satan’? Eery dark eyes stared back at her, but looked through her figure at the same time unsure if he was interested enough to interact.

This was an intruder. This was someone to cause harm. And this was not a doll. The animatronic could feel that she radiated heat in one way or another. Not that the female was very warm in particular - moreso the entire room was cold, the heaters not jumping back to life since as long as the last customer for all times had left.

So now he just stared, waiting for the human to make a wrong step. Nobody else would keep this place safe from this pest if it wasn’t his own doing. No harm was to be done anymore.

Continued RP





Noah’s crimson pupils contracted, his worm-like tattoos gleaming and wrapping around his face until they attached to his irises. He gave a wave of his hand and the beasts’ teeth stopped rotated in that wicked fashion, although their eyes were still locked on their target. They began to hover around Tezca menacingly, waiting for the order to attack once more. 

''Destroying my collection.. Hehehe... You're so amusing. 
These pets are created from Eibon's magic.. They are limitless.
I can summon hundreds upon hundreds, and still have more to spare.
It doesn't matter if some are killed, but good luck in doing so.
They are made of a shadowy mass, unless you have some sort of weapon
to blast through their existence I'm afraid you're going to be made
a bloody mess, which is more than fine by me. Now if you truly want
to see my collection before I dispose of you,
then you had best watch closely!'' 

The pages of the Book of Eibon were open wide as a hot flash of white emerged from the chapters, then turned into inky waves until one of his collections stood there in front of the mirror and the collector, the first he would always summon to reveal his collection. 


''This is Manticore~ Isn't he a lovely little rarity?~'' 

Noah’s tone was now a hymn as he faced the death scythe, a broad grin across his lips. His eyes had an odd feature to them, something along the looks of a ”lazy eye” and madness. It was true that he carried his own form of insanity with him, that drive that made him so successful. It was his wavelength of Greed. 

Tezca stared in disbelieve, as the mans form itself became distorted with each additional second he stared. The movements that kept irritating him from the corner of his eye were worrisome too though, and he quickly priorize them again. Tezca lifted his head upwards, groaning in the back of his throat as Noah took the next step.

Was this guy never getting tired of showing off? Probably not so, with the light enveloping their surroundings again. Now not only the worms crawled around the whole area, but this sorry excuse for an actual animal stood tall in front of him. "Don’t see that every day for sure." He agreed with a forced chuckle. "So… What would happen then if that little pet of yours had a little ‘accident’?" Tezca threatened.
"But I’m sure you wouldn’t even take that much into consideration." The worms were made of shadows, as the sorcerer just confirmed. So that meant that they had nowhere to flee too if there was too much light. At least it should weaken them, the mirror concluded. Even if there was no way to confirm that theory without simply giving it a shot.

Now he just had to find a light source to reflect - which wasn’t the easiest task either with how all paths seemed to be blocked. Perhaps there was a way to stun them. The cold air surrounding both as it came into the old building was evidence enough however, that the entrance he had taken in the first place was not fully blocked yet. If there was another one even closer there might’ve been a chance to take this for his advantage.

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||ALRIGHT YOU CUTIES LISTEN UP (really only imp for my partners and buddies buuut)
I got everything set up now (first night in my new flat r/n jay :D) and things keep moving <3

Won’t have a kitchen for another few months but I have someone living nearby that I can cook with and I still have my microwave and my waterboiler so no big deal.

And as you can see my internet here works, which means no router crapping out on me again and that I’m available for calls and stuff again because nobody is bothered by my voice.

I’m really excited for some reason even though I don’t even have my bed here but yeah I just thought you guys should know :D

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Soul Eater Not! Home Video Rights - Funimation – Blog!

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Blu-ray and DVD rights for Soul Eater Not! The series is expected to release in summer 2015, and it will include an English dub track.
H/T classyspartan and @dchan87

||Today I got the TV and Internet at my flat to work at highspeed without any issues (which came as a surprise). Tomorrow I’ll get my sewing stuff over there and next week I’ll see (depending on my account) if I might get a new working/PC desk b/c this one is too small and so old that the deco-coating starts to dissolve… xD

EDIT: And I’ll most likely book the children TVs package for my receiver because I CAN’T SEE DISNEY XD WITHOUT IT WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE (this brings my overall monthly fee for TV/Internet & Telephone to 60 bucks cries)

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||Woah I actually managed it to get everything done that I wanted to this evening

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Marie needs more love too, she is beautiful and badass &lt;3


Marie needs more love too, she is beautiful and badass <3